Designer, Printer, Bookbinder

Books have always been an important part of my life of learning. As a visual artist I used sketchbooks all the time. Around 1980 I started teaching my self bookbinding in order to make my own sketch books, make artists’ books, and learn about early forms of the book in history.

I received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1974, and an MFA in 1984 from the Institute for the Book Arts, Graduate School, University of Alabama.

While visiting the Third and Elm Press in RI, I found out about a seminar in Book Arts, began studies at the Graduate School of Library Service in Alabama and helped implement the MFA program at the Institute for the Book Arts with Gabriel Rummonds. Through their seminars and classes I worked with people like Jack Stauffacher, Claire Van Vliet, Fritz and Trudi Eberhardt, Tim Barrett, Steve Miller, and others. Not only did I learn the aspects of book making, print and bind limited editions for the school, I took core MLS classes such as book design, history of printing and publishing, and descriptive bibliography.

Since that time I have worked with a variety of clients including photographers, ad agencies, book collectors, galleries, and museums. I still make books by hand doing fine binding and limited editions, and am still a visual artist making images. Over the years I have gained experience in photography, printmaking, offset lithography and plate making, and have been a pressman. As a designer I think all my experience is important. Books have become my life, I love books and I love book design.

Knowledge of design & production

I have a good understanding of offset litho and digital printing. Still, I believe that though letterpress is history now, it seems fundamental to book design. And I acknowledge photography and all things digital bring new riches to design as well.

Bookbinding has another fundamental, the grain of materials is what makes a book work.

Experience in different areas of the field taught me that planning and communication are key to a successful project.

Many possibilities are available to us because of technology, nonetheless, the book form and style can be treated with high regard conceptually, and with integrity to the manuscript. A book design project can be rewarding, and a lot of fun, when the outcome is a beautiful book.
For samples of Jeff’s work you can go to Deerbrook Editions and issuu.com .

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